Considering: Superman and Wonder Woman, Sitting in a Tree

The New 52 event from last year changed a lot in the DC universe, restarting every title back to issue #1 and altering details for a bunch of characters, from how the Justice League met to actually making Aquaman an interesting hero instead of a nautical joke. One of the most notable changes for the universe was breaking up the iconic couple of Superman and Lois Lane. They still talk to each other, but after being asked if she and Clark Kent “Had ever…?” by her new boyfriend, Lois quickly replied “Oh no, nothing like that.”

The question this situation brought up was “Who is Superman going to date instead?”, because with that chiselled jaw and perfect hair, he wouldn’t be able stay single for too long. It seems that new girlfriend has been standing right next to him the whole time. On the cover of Justice League #12, there’s a rather steamy picture of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing. Also, they’re flying. It’s quite impressive that they can do both at the same time.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview with Justice League writer Geoff Johns, he said that the couple wasn’t just a fling, that it “…is the new status quo.” Evidently these two lovebirds are going to be together for a while.

It’s good that something interesting is changing within the Justice League, I’ve always thought the group was a bit boring, but I can’t help but cringe at the amount of awkward situations this is going to bring up. When a meeting of the Justice League is called, are they going to appear from Superman’s bedroom with messy hair and holding hands? Is Wonder Woman going to catch Superman starring at her ass during an epic battle against Deathstroke? Are they going to have a massive argument, drenched in sexual tension, while the rest of the Justice League uncomfortably looks at the floor and pretends they can’t hear it?

And the break-up is going to be catastrophic! Superman is going to be inconsolable for weeks. Wonder Woman will get a new boyfriend with an expensive sports car. There’ll be a split in the Justice League as everyone decides whose side they’re on. Superman and Wonder Woman will have to argue about who gets to keep Batman. It’s going to be like one of the more dramatic episodes of Friends, except in this, Chandler will have heat vision.


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